PWM Wealth Tech Summit 2022 - Wealth The tech scaleup and working alongside new disruptive brands


As automated investing infiltrates the investment landscape, the wave of disruption is leaving behind ‘traditional’ ways of functioning and incorporating new wealth-generating assets. Investors are looking for that ‘netflix style’ experience with a hyper-personalised and round the clock service of which the emerging wealth techs are capitalising on. The power of emerging technology is having a transformative impact on the wealth management space and the scale up of start ups has the potential to leave legacy operations in its wake. How can long-established and conventional wealth managers take part in the seismic shift taking place in the way that investors manage their money? What can be learned from the wealthtech frontrunners and how can firms effectively work alongside them? How can the wealth management system of today make sure that they are keeping pace with the disruptors of tomorrow?