PWM Wealth Tech Summit 2022 - Opening remarks


The global wealth management industry, along with many other sectors, is embarking on its journey towards digitalisation and overall technology integration. With this digital shift well in motion, advancing digital technology is at the top of the private banking agenda and at the centre of achieving operational excellence and customer satisfaction. With technology set to offer benefits such as improved portfolio management strategies, greater understanding of asset liquidity and increasing levels of customer service, the move towards digitailsed functionality will reshape operations, decision making and client journeys industry-wide. Not only are traditional wealth managers and private banks looking to enhance their strategies for digital adoption, it is estimated that currently, $1 billion USD is managed worldwide by digital only wealth managers, signifying a steady transformation and at the same time, a fundamental shift in the demographics and desires of the customer of the future. The Wealth Tech Summit will bring together leading wealth managers, investors and technology companies to discuss the tectonic changes shaping the wealth management industry as they know it. The industry is setting its sights on the future, which is bringing with it a new generation of wealth and talent with new demands and new expectations. Join us as we discuss and debate the emerging challenges, opportunities and risks.